Thursday Dec. 26- Hudson’s Smokehouse, Lexington, South Carolina

For those that know Brian and I, we are very planned people- love to research, coordinate, plot our every move. For this trip we are making a very conscious effort to ‘wing it’ and go where the road takes us. We made it to Charlotte without fail, took a taxi to the RV rental location and we were on our way. The amount of devices in this rig is ridiculous- two laptops, one Chromebook, an iPad, four iPhones- good 4g and a wifi hotspot. Ok, so spontaneous is taking another form….we are planning as we go? Seriously, I love Google Maps. It is saving us!

So on to our first BBQ experience…..

An original South Carolina BBQ hotspot

An original South Carolina BBQ hotspot

Hudson’s Smokehouse is a true Southern Carolina hotspot just outside of Columbia in the small town of Lexington. In a state known most for their mustard vinegar sauce, this proved to be a win for the Highfills.


You can sort of see the RV peeking out from behind the smokehouse, where Brian seriously wanted to hang out for awhile. They specialize in ribs, pulled pork, and are well known for their traditional side dishes.


It was Thursday rib night! $0.99 each. We showed restrain ordering just one wet and one dry order. Best wins for the night were the hushpuppies, the pulled pork with mustard sauce, the catfish, and the wet ribs.

Pulled Pork with Mustard Sauce

A little taste of- Catfish, Brunswick Stew, Mac n’ Cheese, Hash, and Pulled Pork

Bummed that they were out of sauce for sale, we will be emailing them when we return for sure.

We did plan ahead for a place to stay tonight just a few miles away, pulling the lovely Cruise America vessel into a spot in the dark with no idea where we are except for what Google Maps has told us.  So far the tight quarters are quaint, and cozy. We spent the rest of the night teaching the boys how to play cribbage. Of course they won, beginners luck.

 Tomorrow is going to be a great day as we head to Atlanta for lots of adventures.

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