Saturday Dec. 28- Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ- Decatur, Alabama

Normally I would start off with what we did today. But the highlight today was the BBQ, so it deserves to go first. In downtown Decatur, Alabama you will find a treasure- Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ . Chris Lilly @ChrisLillyBBQ and  Ken Hess @Hossbbgbbq are the Pit Masters in this traditional BBQ joint. You may have seen Chris on many BBQ shows as a contestant and judge- his numerous trophies and awards displayed as you walk in.


We ordered a combo platter to share (getting smart about this) including ribs, pulled pork, sliced brisket, ball tip brisket chunks, smoked chicken, and smoked turkey. It was all amazing, really beyond any BBQ I’ve ever tasted (us poor CA folk),

IMG_1620 DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0010

but I have to say, the best part was trying all of their amazing sauces. It was hard to choose between the champion competition red sauce, and their world famous original white sauce (tangy and peppery).


Then Ken, who was so nice to spend time with us, brought out the Habanero red sauce, and the Mustard sauce- amazing! I just kept trying different combos of meat and sauce not able to settle on a favorite.Biggest surprise- the smoked Turkey- not kidding, it was amazing, especially with the mustard sauce. We ended up with an entire case of sauces and rubs to take home with us! A wonderful birthday dinner at a very memorable place. 

A case of BBG BBQ sauces and rubs to go! BBQ at the Highfills!

We did have an adventurous day, driving from Cartersville, Georgia, up north through Chattanooga, Tennessee then down river valley and over to Huntsville. We tweeted our way through the drive (@lhighfill or on Instagram- lhighfill), as the boys went crazy over the multiple fireworks stores where they sell fireworks, beer, and gas. I can’t believe we stopped, and purchased! I am so outnumbered on this trip!

IMG_3054In Huntsville, Brian got the experience he was waiting for- the US Space and Rocket Center- from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  As if the fireworks were not enough, we got to see all the big guns and rockets. It was a great place to explore, not on my personal bucket list, but hey, this is the #highfillfratroadtrip now isn’t it.


So as I sit here in the dark, listening to the rain beat on the rv, again, I have no idea where we are since we arrived in the dark after dinner, down a long dirt road, full of potholes. At least it’s warm in here! I thought I’d share the view as we pulled in (updates to follow in the morning!)


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One thought on “Saturday Dec. 28- Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ- Decatur, Alabama

  1. Well put, sir, well put. I’ll cealnirty make note of that.

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