Tuesday Dec. 31- Cafe Du Monde, Deanie’s – New Orleans


Ah, a brief departure from BBQ as we made our way south to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. What perfect timing to be in such an amazing place! We left Slidell, not impressed, it was a park and sleep stop for sure, and headed into the city to the most interesting RV park of them all.

We were perplexed with what to do   with the RV (The Bulls Eye, as Brian has nicknamed it) in the city- parking was a   major challenge, leaving it was asking for issues…then we found Jude RV park, 15 min. outside of the French Quarters. Driving in, we could see it was a rough neighborhood and the park was just a long narrow lot full of parking spaces, with a big iron gate to lock us in at night. But one thing this trip has taught me, looks can be deceiving- a place is all about the people and the owners w ere so nice to us. They shuttled us to and from the French Quarters, made sure the RV was safe all day, it may not have been the Ritz, but it was perfect for us.

DSC_0002       DSC_0001

This was our first trip to NOLA after years of wanting to visit. We ended up walking the whole French Quarter, up and down the streets exploring shops, watching people, and of course trying some good creole cooking. Taking the boys down Bourbon street was quite an education- the Sugar Bowl was being played on the 2nd and many ‘Bama fans had begun filling the Quarter. The best was taking the St. Charles street car down to the garden district, going through the French Market, and of course Cafe Du Monde.

DSC_0024                DSC_0025       

DSC_0031              IMG_3241

IMG_3250           DSC_0052





DSC_0054   IMG_3244

DSC_0080     DSC_0034

DSC_0079                   DSC_0076

DSC_0035                       DSC_0082 

DSC_0036   DSC_0037

DSC_0044  DSC_0042  DSC_0073

DSC_0048   DSC_0071

We ate at Deanie’s where we had the best BBQ shrimp I’ve ever tasted (it’s a theme), Crawfish Étouffée, gumbo, and catfish. When you sit down, they serve a plate of boiled potatoes- seriously need to make these, trust me, boil 10 min. in crab boil till soft. Seems like many people are talking about them also! Of course more local brews for New Years!

DSC_0064    DSC_0063   DSC_0066    IMG_3254

We had to get back to the RV by 9, our shuttle was not going past then, it was raining, and crowds were growing. Once back, the boys couldn’t wait to go out back to the train tracks to light their fire works. Good thing we stopped and got those! You can only imagine where we were at this point- something we will always remember for sure! This is one city I need to visit again, maybe next time with just adults and a hotel….who’s in with us?  Happy New Year everyone!

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