Wednesday Jan. 1- The Shed- Ocean Springs, Mississippi


We survived New Years in New Orleans! We were awake at midnight celebrating in the RV, with a mix of fireworks and gunshots going off well into the morning hours! We had a long day ahead of us, so we set off early to make it to Ocean Springs, Mississippi to the Shed, the 3rd of the big three visits we had to make.

For this portion of the blog, we recommend listening to this song since it has never been so fitting as it was today:

The Shed Barbeque and Blues Joint  is one of the most unique places I’ve seen this entire trip. I wish all my Chico friends could have joined me here, y’all would LOVE this place.

The owner started it by piecing together scraps of wood, and literally just kept going. It is like a big fort with so many eclectic memories added everywhere you look. The ground inside is gravel, you sit at long picnic tables, and food is served on cafeteria trays. There are stages, gathering spots, and more tables all over the property that we were imagining filled with college students and bands all summer long- along with the heat and lots of mosquitoes!

DSC_0014             DSC_0012 

DSC_0008              DSC_0006

DSC_0027           DSC_0020

Oh, and the BBQ…. well, again compared to what I normally get to have in CA. this was outstanding, but we’ve been to some of the best places in the country and just saying, the competition is tough. If you like a wet rib, sloppy, ‘fall off the bone when you pick it up’, then this is the rib for you. The sauce was amazing, the meat was tender and there wasn’t one of us complaining but…… they were not our favorites. Of the Big 3… we are split between Big Bob Gibson and Memphis BBQ Co. still reigning as champs. The sausage and pulled pork were really good, lots of sauce on them!

DSC_0009      DSC_0011

 I loved the location, the vibe, and we enjoyed some of the best BBQ we’ve had here, but it was time to set off on a very long day of driving! 6 hours to Macon, Georgia and we still don’t know where we are staying. Gotta love the multiple devices and wifi hotspot in the RV!

     DSC_0029          IMG_3299.JPG

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