Thursday Jan. 2- Maurice’s Piggie Park, Columbia, South Carolina

IMG_3296Every day we travel to our next destination, seeing great small towns as we go, with Google Maps guiding us faithfully. We look up RV parks as we go and seem to have the routine down now- just pull into a spot and pay in the morning. Last night was quite a ride- maps took us the backroads route. It was pitch dark at 6pm, no street lights, just woods…oh and no cell service.


We absolutely had no idea where we were, yet Google maps kept talking to us. We were so grateful to finally find the RV park and the nicest man to welcome us at the gate. He obviously wanted to chat it up with someone and I just wanted to listen to his awesome southern drawl as he described his New Year’s dinner of Black Eyed Peas and Collard greens. He went on to share about the bathroom issues he will pay with later…hilarious and calming after such a blind drive.


The storm continued on all night, pounding on this dinky RV, and in the morning, we awoke to a beautiful sight- we were right on Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, Georgia.


Sadly we are on the last legs of the trip as we head back towards Charlotte by Friday. Our last stop on the road in the RV is Maurice’s Piggie Park in Columbia, South Carolina.


Maurice is famous for pulled pork sandwiches, but not the kind my west coast friends may be thinking of. These shredded pork sandwiches are tossed with yellow mustard BBQ sauce, served on a bun, and that’s it. It doesn’t look so pretty in the picture, but it does taste good. If you like mustard, this is a win. I’m a big fan of this sauce and can’t wait to try it on our own version of pulled pork at home. We tried their famous hash, served with rice, and well, we tried it. Hushpuppies are always good around here!

DSC_0011       DSC_0013                        

We were all so full from a week of eating, it was hard to finish anything. Maurice’s is a great option for those on the go- a fast food BBQ joint with 14 locations around the Columbia area. Plus, it’s located right down the street from the first RV park we stayed at- The Barnyard! It is blowing out there tonight- huge storm coming in!

IMG_3304      IMG_3306

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